7 Reasons to use GPS Vehicle Tracking to Monitor Your Fleet

Published 01-Mar-2018 / 09:39:15 am

Fleet Management companies that utilise a GPS vehicle tracking system are likely to experience a range of benefits to their operations.? Whether the business is a waste management firm, taxi/limousine hire, or plumbing contractors there are numerous ways that fleet tracking software can aid and improve efficiency. Here we look at seven reasons why:

1) First and foremost you know where all your vehicles are and what they are being used for. A GPS tracking system can tell you at what time your driver started, how long is being spent on breaks and whether the vehicle is being used to pursue non-work related activities.

2) Specific and accurate tools such as Door Opening monitoring can show you when and where the doors of the vehicle are being opened and thus if the correct job is being done.?

3) Fleet tracking software can be essential in settling any false complaints or claims against the company that may arise. The location software can prove indubitably where a vehicle was at the time of any alleged offence and thus demonstrate that the claim is bogus.

4) Tracking systems can be particularly effective on the administrative side for companies that run 24/7 across various sites and locations. All the data can be collected and collated centrally so any problems can be identified and thus solutions discovered more quickly. An automated system also reduces the need for added backroom staff.

5) Fleet tracking software also increases driver efficiency. By knowing how much time each driver is taking per job, management can structure each driver’s timetable more effectively and make better use of their time. By encouraging drivers to adopt the new systems and work more efficiently drivers should hopefully feel more empowered and thus more valued and keener to produce better performance. In return companies could introduce a bonus system for the most efficient staff based on the evidence provided.

6) GPS vehicle tracking can help the company save money by increasing vehicle efficiency. By reducing the speed of vehicles money can be saved on petrol, wear and tear on vehicles will decrease, making their resale value last for longer and speeding fines can be avoided.? Insurance companies offer discounts for safer driving and the tracking systems significantly raise the chances of theft recovery.

7) When pitching for new business or renewing existing contracts, being able to demonstrate the benefits of fleet tracking software presents you with a distinct competitive advantage over rivals that do not.

A GPS tracking system can make a real difference to a company managing a fleet of vehicles. By improving customer service, improving driver and vehicle efficiency and providing information that can save a company significant amounts of money across the fleet.

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