What is GPS ?

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/page/gps_7K206GPS, or global positioning system, is a tool that is used to measure distance and to help pinpoint location any place in the world. The fact is that it is an excellent tool that can do so much more than just tell you where you are. And, it is being used in everything from heart rate monitors to automobiles. If you haven’t heard of GPS, you need to get caught up. It could help to benefit your life in one way or another.

First, understand how GPS works. Circling the globe are 24 satellites. They are orbiting the Earth at different locations and make a complete orbit around the Earth in about 12 hours. They are located about 12,000 miles above the surface of the Earth. They correspond with receivers that are scattered around the world. They are always transmitting information through digital radio signals. These signals tells the transmitters where they are and the exact time. They are so precise that they transmit time to the billionth of a second in accuracy.

  • How They Work

    Each of the satellites that work in the GPS network will send these signals to the transmitters down on Earth. They travel at the speed of light in fact. By knowing the length of time that it takes for the signal to get to the receiver, the receivers can get precise measurements. In other words, the longer it takes the receiver to receiver the signal from the GPS satellite, the farther away the GPS satellite is at that moment. 

    This all helps the receiver and the transmitter to convey where they are on a longitude and latitude basis. When four receivers are used, this can also tell the altitude as well.

    It was first developed and used by the United States Government in the Department of Defense. It allows for accurate, all weather navigation for such things as military ground, sea and air forces to work and communicate.

    Today, though, it is used in much different circumstances. In fact, you will see it used throughout the world in many non governmental rolls.
  • Today’s Uses

    There are many uses of the GPS system today. In many cases, the GPS is a great way for finding and keeping track of just about anything. It has the ability to communicate within seconds and with precision that is unmatched in any other application available. It is also simple to use and inexpensive in many cases as well. Here are some examples to think about.

    -> You may have heard of cars and other vehicles using GPS tracking. This is one of the largest and most beneficial uses for the system. First, it allows for the car to be kept safe. For example, it can help to track a car that has been stolen. It works by transmitting data to the satellite receivers that then are sent to the authorities. The end result is that within seconds, you can know where your car has been taken.

    But, that is far from all it can do on a car. In many of today’s cars, there are GPS tracking systems that can be used to help navigate the car. For example, if your system is working, it can tell you how to get from point A to point B without a problem. It will even tell you when you should be turning.

    Yet another example of its use in the car is its ability to help in emergency situations. The transmitted information can be sent to the authorities to alert them that you are in trouble. GPS jumps in and helps to find your location. Many vehicles are now being outfitted with this.

    But, cars are not the only thing that uses GPS. Any device can be equipped with one if there is a need for it. An example would be the heart rate monitor. Many use these for exercise to let them know when they have reached a targeted rate and how long they are holding it for. Well, how about a watch that is equipped not only to monitor the heart rate, but to tell you where you are running, how long it took you to get from one place to the next and the distance that you just traveled? GPS allows for this!

    GPS is a system that is useful and convenient. It allows for many uses and it has a real fit within the world. You’ll find it in all sorts of unique products.

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